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This year’s Hoity Toity harvest day will be held on Saturday October 14th and Sunday October 15th from 12:00 noon until approximately 4:00 p.m.The dedicated crew will trek into the vineyard to hand pick grapes and hear as many stories as one can bear from the winemaker himself, Gary!  Then we will become part of the crushing process by stomping grapes after we have feasted and sampled the fruits of production.   Our Hoity Toity crew would like you to join in on the fun, work and laughter of our 2017 grape harvest!  Happy fall everyone!  




Fall Harvest Day 2017

Harvest Day Poster 2017-1.jpg

Canadian Tuxedo

With Canada 150 right around the corner, why not celebrate with a fancy maple wine named after the country's namesake fashion statement. Denim on Denim! Who can go wrong? This dessert wine is fantastic to sip on its own with a deceptive sweet profile, and is amazing when paired with nice desserts like a nice simple chocolate cake just like Mom used to make... Nothing better!