Jeeves just Dessert

He worked tirelessly his whole life. Waiting on the needs of the master of the house. His day would never come. Or so he thought. On his day of retirement, Jeeves received on bottle of majestic sweet wine from his master. This is that wine. Good things come to those who wait. The wait is over. Enjoy.

Sweet with touches of stone fruit this dessert wine is perfect paired with after dinner snacks such as cheese.


Gravel Snow Storm

Deep in the heart of Bruce County Ontario, a calm Winter's day can turn into an incomprehensible snow storm in the blink of an eye. Locals can be trapped in their homes for days at a time. For sweet relief they sip on this fine beverage you hold in your hand. Hold it and wait for your snow storm.*

*Figuratively and quite literally speaking

This is our own iced cider, sweet with all the same great things as regular cider but in dessert form. Vanilla, caramel and a sweet cooked apple will all come across with this drink.


New for 2017


Canadian Tuxedo

The country's bestest and brightest. The Canadian Tuxedo, denim on denim, forever timeless.

This is our version of a Canadian classic - a maple syrup wine. Not as sweet as a traditional dessert wine this maple treat offers only subtle hints of Canada's best enjoyed food topper.